Видео: AKAI RHYTHM WOLF DEMO - by Synthbug

Akai Rhythm Wolf Demo

This video demonstrates the synthesis features and a basic sequence from the Akai Rhythm Wolf. Special thanks to Synthbug.

Akai Pro Rhythm Wolf (Demo)

SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/colectivotriangular?sub_conf... ...

Akai RHYTHM WOLF Review (Tell it like it is)

The other week I got myself an Akai Rhythm Wolf. This was such a promising little drum machine but was one of the biggest ...

Full Moon-Akai Rhythm Wolf Demo

All sounds and drums are from the Akai Rhythm Wolf only and effects like tape delay were added later. I have used the built-in ...

Korg MS-20 Mini+Akai Rhythm Wolf Demo

Korg MS-20 Mini and Akai Rhythm Wolf music demo.

Akai Rhythm Wolf Trap Bass Mod

Demo of a Mod for extended decay on the Bass Drum of the Akai Rhythm Wolf for infinite decay length. Filmed at the Submarine ...

Akai Professional Rhythm Wolf - A Richard Devine Performance

This Rhythm Wolf performance video features Richard Devine – acclaimed sound design guru, synth aficionado, and artist. Watch ...

The Akai Rhythm Wolf - Beat Building & Performance

This drum machine is more than it seems! A total Rhythm section in a box. Analog goodness! MMMmmmm....

Akai Rhythm Wolf raw sound demo

After 1 years procrastinating, here's my Akai Rhythm Wolf demo. Not a musical statement, just some tweaking and raw sounds.

Akai Rhythm Wolf Review [10 MINUTES GUIDE]

This Akai Rhythm Wolf review looks at the Akai Rhythm Wolf Analog Drum Machine to help you understand the pros and cons of the ...

Akai Rhythm Wolf Demo -100% Wolf!

Got this great little machine recently and had to make a song with it. I multi-tracked the synth part to make chords and pads, and ...

AKAI Rhythm Wolf Is It That BAD? Part 1

I stand up for and defend the Wolf! However the kick is trash!

Faxi Nadu - Akai Rhythm Wolf SUCKS - Rantview Part 1

Why the Akai Rhythm Wolf is just a horrible machine. Everything about it is just an epic fail. Part 1. check us out: ...

Akai Professional Rhythm Wolf - In the Studio with Big Black Delta

Jonathan Bates, aka Big Black Delta, takes you inside the studio for an up-close look at how he uses Rhythm Wolf's sounds, pads, ...

Akai Rhythm Wolf Demo

Using a digitech RP-70 multifx for added oomph.

Growling Wolf Howl (Akai Rhythm Wolf dirty jam)

This is the jam featuring the dirty side of the Akai Rhythm Wolf. The sounds really come out with just a small tweak of the howl ...

Akai AX-60 Demo - by Synthbug

Synthbug Demo of the Akai AX60. Played by Terrence Town. Patch design by Terrence Town and Draven. Recorded directly in ...

Best Analog Drum Machine - Akai Rhythm Wolf

Akai Rhythm Wolf DEMO this time not so smooth.

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